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Owner Liarne Clarke is a Chef with over 23 years experience in the private function, wedding and corporate sector of hospitality.

While head chef at the iconic Frasers Place in Parnell, the 2002 Americas Cup fired a passion for working on boats, culminating in 18 years of trusted, experienced and discreet work on some of New Zealands most prestigious launches. Liarne is dedicated to delivering you a delicious, seamless event while still retaining the personal friendly touch that Galley Kitchen thinks is utmost important.

Galley Kitchen takes it back to the start, moving away from mass produced food and back to beautiful and delicious food from scratch, as close to homemade as you can get in an A Grade Certified Kitchen on the North Shore.

Though Galley Kitchen specializes in boat charters we cater to land lovers too!! If you can imagine it we can do it. We have catered events in tents & paddocks, on beaches, ships, office 'galleys', big homes, small homes, department stores, large launches, private boats, far off island locations to name a few. At Galley Kitchen we take pride in ensuring every event is the success you imagined it to be.

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